IDE 2016R3 for Windows - no cursor

Today is the second day I am working with IDE 2016R3 / Win10. Yesterday as well as today I experienced the cursor disappearing every once a while. When it happens, I can type and do everything, but without seeing a cursor.
It gets back as soon as I open another blank project and it remains if I close this project right away.
I’ve had it a few times, but still don’t know how to get it reproduced.
Has anyone seen this behavior also ?

I have but since I was running Xojo in VMWare I chalked it up to some weird interference.

I am running Win10 in Parallels.

Can you be a bit more specific Bob ?

um…no. I am hesitant to report certain types of Windows bugs simply because I’m running in an emulator. Despite it being very, very close to the real thing it’s not identical. I have had other Windows apps running in the VM where the cursor isn’t visible when it should be but when I run them on a native Windows computer those problems don’t exist. Soooo it’s hard to tell what’s a real Xojo bug versus a VM environment bug.

I have been working 2016 r3 a lot with both time and heavy processor work on my windows 10 surface book and have been working specifically with invisible cursors to hide them and make it visible at specific times and it has been stable.

It might be something with VM as Bob mentioned.

My feeling too, hence the question here and not as a bug report. But I can’t deny, it’s quite annoying.
The fast way to continue is to open a blank new project, close it right away and you will find the cursor back in your editor.
B.t.w overall I am quite happy with 2016r3 windows IDE.

It would not hurt to shoot a screen movie and report. If only to catch Norman’s attention. He may not have enough to fix it, but he will know it happens.

As for myself, I did not get that yet.

Not sure if this is related but I am using an earlier version and the cursor will disappear in the code editor all the time. I noticed when I save the project the cursor will always reappear. In fact, that is the solution I use to restore the cursor. I believe this is in version 2015R4 but will need to verify as I am not on that machine right now.

I junped from 2015R4.1 to 2016R3. Never seen this before. Will try just saving when it occurs next time.
No idea what causes the cursor disappearing, so it’s hard to file a complete bug-report.

I’ve had this happen quite a few times in the past. It seems to be when I’ve opened the language reference and it is still open when returning to the code. Not sure of the exact circumstances to generate this as it only happens occasionally. Closing the Language reference returns the cursor.