Axialis just launched a new Icon Generator which allows for the generation of vector and bitmap types. Coloring, size etc is automatically handled.
The app has a convenient function for adding small overlay icons. I bought the Standard Flat Icon pack with 330 icons and 94 overlays. Very nice.

You can generate icons in every size and color.

I was always struggling with finding new flat icons for my apps so I thought I’d share this with you (I’m not holding Axialis shares btw).

Their website seems a bit off. They show an OSX logo but they have no (Mac) OSX software?

“Mac OSX version (available June 2017)” — there’s your problem

Maybe it was only available June 2017… Try setting your date back and see if it’s available…

They are windows based developers, do they even know what osx is?

Thank you all for the laugh ! :wink:

[quote=360271:@Derk Jochems]Do They … Know[/quote] it’s Christmas ?

Mac app not ready yet but in the make.

They definitely don’t use Xojo!
If they would have used Xojo the Mac version would be ready too. :slight_smile:

Opportunity Geoff? :wink:

2048 x 2048 Icons on Windows ? (second screen shot)

That is new for me !

If you are looking for the metro style icons, this one is free: https://www.syncfusion.com/downloads/metrostudio

I am using Axialis IconWorkshop since 2009, which in my opinion is one of the best icon generating tools. The only missing feature is support of layers.

It is very regretfully they stopped development on this fine tool and replaced it by the “inferior” Icon generator tool.

In IconWorkshop you can draw your own icons from scratch, which seems nearly impossible with Icon Generator. Also their icon libraries bought for IconWorkshop are useless with the new Icon Generator.

Nowadays I am using Affinity Designer which combines the best of both worlds. This tool is much more powerfull than IconWorkshop and surely Icon Generator, which also has the advantage that you can draw much more than icons alone.

If I want a vector icon based on one of the Axialis libraries, just export it in Iconworkshop as PNG, import it in Affinity Designer and bingo… I can create any vector (SVG) from it. Also Affinity supports artboards, which makes it even more powerfull together with the “split” view where you can follow your icon creation in real-time.

Don’t waste your money on the Axialis libraries, just use the correct graphics application. The easy way is many times not the best way! That is a lesson I learned from the past experiences. With Affinity Designer I am in control over my creations with Icon Generator Axialis controls and limits what I can do. Only, Affinity Designer takes more time but delivers better results in a wider range.

Many IconWorkshop users asked for layer support for many years. However, I am sure many of them are very disappointed in Axialis when they released Icon Generator. This is the standard example why a new idea is not always better than the working one. They could have “first” class with an improved “IconWorkshop” but now they got “sub” class with their Icon Generator. I don’t buy any of their new icon libraries anymore for the simple reason they are almost nearly the same as my own old icon libraries.

Don’t waste your money, draw your own icons. Or use free icons and change them to your own needs.

For my iOS apps I use Pixelmator to create a layered image at 1024x1024, the largest size needed (for the App Store I believe). Then I export that out as a PNG. Then I drop the PNG into the iOSImageMaker app that comes with Xojo and it cranks out all the different sizes needed with the proper names. Easy.