Icon to Toolbar Button

Is there any secret to attaching an image to a toolbar button? I use the image section but it is just a blue color no matter what image I attach. I can select one of the pre-made icons no problem just not my own.

That is the way the Tab Bar is meant to look. Monochrome :


That is the way the Navigation Bar is meant to look. Monochrome :


Here are the Human Interface Guidelines for iOS.

You can very well devise your own tab bar or navigation bar with color icons by drawing onto a canvas. It will simply not look conformant to Apple guidelines, and you will have to take care of the code that emulates the built-in tools (navigation back/forward, etc.).

Note that you can get a flurry of pre-made monochrome icons in fonts such as WingDings, WebDings, and independant collections such as http://fontawesome.io/

Use a PNG
Make sure your PNG has an alpha channel

I will check not sure how to tell if it has alpha channel. I missed labeled also it is in the navigation bar not the tool bar. I am using the IOSTollButton from the Library and attaching an image.