icon refresh in IDE

Is there a trick to getting icons to reload in the IDE?

Sometimes I will put an icon in and then just overwrite the file in the folder.

But if I change the icon to another then change it back, it still shows the old one.
Sometimes I get lucky and change to a different window and come back and it resizes…
But that is far and few between lol.

Just wondering if there is a trick I don’t know, rather then deleting the image, and adding it back through the ide,
Or restarting Xojo?

Using 2017 R1 and in Windows…

They’re not reloaded from disk all the time simply to make their use in the IDE quicker
Close the project & reopen it

Thanks Norman… yeah was just hoping there was a way to do it without closing and reopening. :wink:

I’m wondering if there is a case for creating a feature request to reload a clean project? I know reload performs the same function, but it does require less operator intervention.

I often just save, change one letter (or nudge a control etc) and revert to saved :slight_smile:
A few keystrokes
right arrow (or press space)
revert to saved (IF you have set this one with a custom short cut) or File > Revert To Saved

Note that this WON’T free up any memory from leaks in the IDE which do exist - still :frowning:
Hence “restart the IDE” which does

So you’d support the F/R? Seems like you already work around it :slight_smile:

More menu items isnt necessarily “good”
Never said I’d support it :slight_smile:

The “workaround” is so trivial and has worked for at least 10 years
I started doing this in the REALbasic days

One of the reasons I was initially asking is for some reason… I start Xojo one time, and it loads fast, and opens the main project I am working on at the moment fast…

Then other times it seems to take forever… and has nothing to do with the system, and what is running, etc… Just randomly at times seems to be rising from it’s death bed starting up. I might shut it down afterwards or 6 hours later… and it starts up fast.

Will try what Norman mentioned though. :wink:

I didn’t say more menu items, just allow the existing one to be used on a “clean” project, similar to “save” on a new project.

Still hoping for a ‘purge caches’ menu item.
We all keep hearing this is what needs to be done if there are odd issues.
But then working out where the little bleeders actually are hiding…

I honestly have no idea what you’re suggesting

Revert to Saved is greyed out after you save, so I think he’s suggesting Revert to Saved be always available to knock out the “nudge step” to dirty the project.