Icon Problems.

I’m having trouble getting my desktop icon to display properly. It’s only displaying a black square instead of the icon. I have two applications which are using almost the same icon. I used the same basic project in photoshop for the background but I added some different art on top of it for the two different icons. They are png files and they have rounded corners.

I currently have them displaying properly in the 256, 48 (both), 32 (both), and 16 (both) of the images and preview sections in both Xojo projects. There is a single black square over the 256 icon in masks and all the other masks are empty.

When I install my app using INNO in windows 10 one of my desktop icons displays fine and the other one is just a black square. I’ve tried remaking it several times. Can anyone tell me how to fix this? Thanks for any advice.

I would have just deleted this post but someone else might run into this issue so I wanted to post the solution. It turns out I had a broken icon cache in Windows 10 and I had to rebuild the icon cache on my machine to fix the corrupt icon.


What a headache Windows. :confused:

Interesting, that’s quite rare, good find though, thanks for the update and fix.


I was talking to a tech friend of mine just a little while ago and we both couldn’t understand why Windows doesn’t remove the icons from the cache when the application has been uninstalled. Seems like that would be the preferred behavior to keep this type of thing from happening. Lost half a day on this issue.

Critical mass of a large os/app, something else might be dependant on the thing you’re unloading/deleting :wink:

Easier to leave it there than to create a system of checking whats using what icons etc.


Sounds about right. :wink: