Icon position in button changes

About XOJO 2019r2 / Windows program

I use bevelbuttons with icons in my program.
I change the form’s ‘Open’ by the new ‘Opening’ following the API2 documentation.
I run the program in the IDE -> EVERYTHING WORKS FINE.
I save the program and reload it in 2019r2.
What happens : all my bevelbutton icon alignements are changed to ‘SystemDirection’ even thought they were ‘Top’ before saving…
Also the button styles are all changed to ‘PushButton’ even though they were ‘Togglebuttos’ before saving.

I will return to 2018r4. I do not understand the XOJO update policy. There are always some problems that take hours to resolve…
From 2018r4 to 2019r1 -> Floating Windows Menuitems do not work anymore …
From x - 2019r2 -> still no menu in Floating Windows + Bevelbutton settings changes after a save …
Other settings for the Bevelbuttons are changed too…


Known issue:

become a Pre-Release Tester :wink:

How to become a Pre-Release tester ?

Ask. I would suggest emailing hello@xojo.com.

i believe i had download and installed a beta from here and in the app was a hint how to become a tester via mail.

Customer Service

Subject: request beta access

Text: with your Xojo ID

Ok thanks for the reply’s.
Email has been send.