Icon not visible on Carbon

My build icon works perfectly on Windows, but if I build on Windows, the Icon is not visible on Carbon, but the application name is visible. If I build on Carbon, then the icon is visible on Carbon. Any ideas? I am using 2013r4.1

Check your Carbon app bundle and see if you have a file named “Your App Name.icns” in the Contents/Resources folder after you’ve built on Windows. If yes, check the Info.plist file in Contents and verify that the CFBundleIconFile entry has the same name.

I checked the names in the post above, and they are the same. When testing, I unzip the .tar file from my windows machine, on a MAC, and I cannot see the icon. If I build the same file on the Mac afterwards, then I can see the icon.

I have seen that sometimes after installing a program it can take the OS a few minutes to locate the correct icons. Maybe try to restart your computer and see if that makes it load? This happened to me yesterday after I updated Feedback, in fact.

My problem is worse now. Even when I build on a MAC the icon does not display. In the resources folder, MyAPP.icns does not display the icon.

I found a work around. If I build for Carbon and Windows everything works.

Is this an old project from pre-Xojo days?

It started as a RealBasic project.

I asked because I had something similar occur with an old project. The solution was to delete the icon entry and create a new entry using the updated Icon editor included in Xojo.

That fixed it! Thanks Tim.

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