icon from link/exe?

because i have hundreds of links to software or games i try to make a starter so that i have a nice view of groups and search.
its possible with xojo to fetch the link or exe icon as picture?
will it make trouble if me start apps or steam games with FolderItem.Open because it was indirect?

Did you check FolderItem.IconMBS function in MBS Xojo Plugins?

@Christian Schmitz
it support also windows? and links like “steam://rungameid/270880”?
i don’t know if my project is a good idea.

I bet you can take ID from the link and the build html link for the website to load it and grab icon there.

making a starter in xojo was really easy so my icon problem is secondary for awhile.
maybe a windows api can get a icon from link.

[quote]C# Icon.ExtractAssociatedIcon[/quote] get all in 32x32 except this stupid steam links.
i made a little command line tool in vs c# 2019 :slight_smile:

i can introduce this “Start Assistant” App soon.

this steam icon path is in this .url file.