Icon Designer recommendation

I have 3 apps with old icons. I want to add new 1024 icons but I don’t have them so they have to be redesigned. I have been searching google for icon designers unsuccessfully. Anybody know somebody good, fast and cheap? Thanks!

It’s not an Icon Designer by design, but i can highly recommend Logoist 2.

I think he is asking for a contractor, not an app.

My friend Wil Nichols is great. Also reasonably priced for an icon designer :slight_smile:

Unrelated to Wil, my response to “Good, Fast, Cheap”

Jordan at http://onetoad.com/ has done some great stuff for me in the past.

+1 for OneToad. He’s done all my icons.

Pick two; how comes I can only ever get one?

Just blame your wallet! :wink:

Good but very (VERY) expensive! :slight_smile:

I didn’t think so, and I love his work.

1000eur for designing an icon is a lot for me. :slight_smile:

Oh, if that’s the case, his rates have gone up quite a bit since the last time I used his services. Still recommend contacting him even if you decide to look elsewhere.

I’ve been very happy with Janik Baumgartner


He is pricey but first rate (and is very good about helping you in the creative process, too). In addition to my app, he did the icon/design work for the Mac version of another less well known app, Microsoft Word 2016.

What wallet, oh you mean that dry cracked bit of leather with dust in it.

I’ve had a great result with fiverr.com, specifically with this person: https://www.fiverr.com/ntstuan

I’ve had two icons created for about $10 each… So happy with the work too.

I’m glad it worked out for you, but I would avoid fiverr for graphic work.

Why would you avoid fiverr?

I have had great luck with graphics from Fiverr… my gravatar photo is one of them.

Problem with any design work is the chance that the work is stolen/copyrighted. The consensus is that chance goes up when you pay outrageously low prices for design work. When they are working for $0.30/hour it tends not be very original stuff. However there are good designers doing original work on there so its impossible to gauge and probably a lot of fear mongering.

Ultimately if someone has skill they should be compensated for it. Hence many of us don’t do Xojo consulting on Fiverr.

I totally agree with Phillip’s last paragraph - I work as a graphic designer and would never ever ever consider creating a logo for just $10.

$300 - yes