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Good morning

As macOS and iOS apps need loads of different sized icons…which application do you use to have them generated at once from a single high-resolution image file?

Looked on the Apple app store but most are rather old and therefore don’t support recent sizes used…

OTOH I could write a Xojo app doing that (o;

thanks in advance

Drop the HiRes image above the Xojo IDE’s Icon Editor ?

An app to do this would be FANTASTIC as I need to use 20 different sizes for Desktop and Web, plus 14 different sizes for iOS iPhone/iPad ie 34 in total!

I create all icons as 1024x1024 72 dpi then copy/resize them using Preview.

To be fair, just scaling your icons down does not give them a crisp appearance at the lower resolutions. For instance, if you were to scale down from 1024x1024 to 16x16 or 32x32, you’ll likely just get an unrecognizable blob of color.

Most modern guidelines tell you to design your icons in vector format on an 8x8 grid @ 512x512 so the icon will scale gracefully and then as you make smaller copies, you remove finer details.

A good analogy are the buildings that are made for model train sets. There are several sizes, all made to look realistic at the size they are including O-gauge which is 1:48, HO which is 1:87, N which is 1:160 and ZZ which is 1:300 ( I chose these because each is roughly ½ the size of the previous size)

Now imagine if you will, a house in each of these scales. At 1:48, you can clearly see the windows with sashes, doors with doorknobs, roofing tiles, bricks on walls, etc. At 1:87, the crossbars on the sashes and the doorknobs are removed because they’re simply too small to be seen, but because you won’t be looking at them that closely, they still look realistic. At 1:160, windows and doors are just a rectangle, possibly just painted on, tiles and bricks no longer have texture.

My point is that rather than just scaling one model to fit the different gauges, careful decisions are made to reduce the details while keeping the best possible appearance at the given sizes. The same should be true of your icons if they’ll be out in the world.


I agree, but I don’t have the patience (nor skills) to do all of this.

I don’t have anything for iOS, but I do recommend Iconographer Mini by @Sam_Rowlands

If you want to blow customers away with your attention to detail hire an artist!