Icon and logo

Hello there.
Is it possible to close the Title can add any icon or image?

Where is it possible to get icons Xojo logo for a little advertising in the style of “Made with Xojo”?
Is this legal?

Are you asking about adding an icon to the title bar of the window? If so, there’s not built-in way to do this but you may be able to do it with a plugin (possilby MBS) or a Declare http://documentation.xojo.com/index.php/Declare that calls into the appropriate system library.

You would need to have permission from Xojo, Inc. to add the Xojo logo to your title bar. If you want to talk about that more you can send more details to me at jason@xojo.com.

The Made with Xojo icons are available for download here https://www.xojo.com/account/mwx/index.php

Thanks for the reply

Yes, to the title bar of the main window, but my own icon…not Xojo icon.
“Made with Xojo” would be added to the bottom of the main form.

I see what you mean. Yeah, you don’t need permission to do these things. I don’t have the Declare code to put an icon in the title bar but maybe someone else will.


I hope that anyone really had any idea how to do it.
Surprised me that it is not supported as properties of the window.
Now the application looks a little uninteresting at the flood of icons and images.

Add an icon to the ‘app’, it will also be displayed in the window titlebar.
Select ‘App’ in the Navigator, in the Inspector click on ‘Icon’, drag & drop .png picture.

Works …


I didn’t realize that would work. Good one!