Icon added to parent menu entry to a submenu doesn't display?

For Windows and Linux, I’ve added icons to all of my menus for a more finished look.

However, I’ve noticed that the icons assigned to any menu entries with submenus children do not show at run time. They display within the menu editor, but do not display in the running app (debug or built)

Is this expected for Windows and Linux, or is there a mew feedback report in my near future?

I am pretty sure that a menu only displays an icon if there is an “action” associated with it, otherwise just an arrow on right side

So, that implies that the assignment of an icon to the submenu parent should not be allowed since the editor implies that it will be visible.

depends… they are all menu items, having the same attributes… no way for the design time to know where the run time will go

But … the designer knows that I’m adding a Submenu since I need to select that option explicitly to add the sub options.

True, but remember menus can be made in code as well…

AND… it seems that an upper level icon IS viable for macOS, so the designer DOES need to allow it