ICMP and Mac Address

I’m attempting to write an IP Tracking program in Xojo and I need to be able to PING an IP address as well as retrieve the MAC address and hostname of that IP. Is there a native way to do this in Xojo? Shell is NOT an option. I’ve written something similar in VB2010 using an add-on OCX control.

Maybe you want to discuss with me by email a plugin to do ping?

You could use the OCX control in Xojo if this is for Windows only

For windows you might be able to get an idea by using Winpcap.dll.

An example from old forum:
http://forums.realsoftware.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=31208 (http://www.rebrandsoftware.com/source/WinPCap.zip)

Here is a link to an ICMP socket class
ICMP Socket

You can also use win API and iphlpapi.dll to query the ARP Cache Table.