iCloud .. access to 'Documents'..set as receiver?

I want to be able to get documents in and out of my app without having to plug a device into a computer.
Many people use iCloud.
iOS now has a files option, but this doesnt seem to be easily available from my App.

I cannot find a way to use iCloud from iOS apps, and posts about it from 3 or 4 years ago seem to have been deleted or just fizzled out.
One or two say ‘you have to do it in declares’, but I cannot work out what they would be.

Is there anything available?

If in doubt …: https://www.monkeybreadsoftware.net/pluginpart-icloud.shtml

I just spent 15 min on the monkeybread homepage without finding the iOS kit, which is mentioned on various pages … the iCloud functions mentioned by Markus is for macOS, not for iOS, afaik.

Oops - my bad. Didn’t see the iOS …

doesn’t look like it would be easy in Xojo…
requires special entitlements
requires the using of the iCloud KIt

I found Swift code, with didn’t look too difficult, but then inclusion of iCLoud kit there is just one line of code

The Sharing Panel would be good enough, except that it only seems to ‘SEND’ text and files to iCloud folders.
It doesnt show files that already exist.

It does show how to share with (for example) Twitter.
So turning this on its head, is there a way to set my app to be a ‘receiving’ kind of app, so that people can share suitable files to it, from the Files option on an iOS device?

You should definitely have a look on dtCloud. It has the iOS feature you are looking for! But I can’t find it! Does anybody know if it’s still out there?

I haven’t heard from jean-paul in a while. His forum account is deleted. I’m pretty sure he released his last dtPlugins as free with no support.