Iceberg Installer?

I am creating my very first OS X app and am using Iceberg to create the package.

Could someone please advise me how I actually get my app into the package?
I have worked out how to change the various messages etc, but not how to get the most important part MY APP into the package :frowning:

Thank you all in advance.

Did you give up on Innosetup?

i think iceberg is for mac while innosetup is for windows

Ah thanks Richard Duke. I use DropDMG which was pretty easy especially compared to Innosetup. Sorry for the slight hijack Richard Summers :slight_smile:

Select “Files” in the Navigator on the left and then drag your app onto the Applications folder on the right. You can also right-click on Applications and select “Add Files”.

The best part about using apps on Mac is that you can drag them from a disk image to your Applications folder (or desktop, or anywhere) and just use them. Mac apps that have installers have less users, and are really unfriendly.

Only big production apps get away with using installers (Apple Pro Tools, the old iLife and iWork suites, Adobe things.) And that’s really because they need them. They install extensions and things all over the place.

Even something as grand as Xojo doesn’t have an installer. Part of developing for Mac is keeping up with the Mac Experience.

The Apple Developer Documentation about Distributing Your Application (Bundles vs. Installers) where Apple mentions preferable to install even system-wide components the first time your application is launched.

I have been noticing your topics :wink: I’m guessing you’re trying to place things like the database?
Local files are certainly things that should be copied to their locations the first time the app is launched.

In most cases your app shouldn’t need an installer. You can move many files simply from the app bundle to the places they need to be.

If you need the installer, there is a new app from Stephane Sudre called Packages. See

Thank you EVERYONE.

yes - I have been having a hard time with databases lately (creating, encrypting, installing) etc. etc.
I believe I have now finally grasped the concept of databases (thanks to the help from members on here).

It may be easier if I could understand the debugger - but I get confused as sometimes I am creating a Windows app - on an iMac, and therefore sometimes I can’t get the debugger to work.

Probably just me being a dunce :slight_smile:

Regarding the installer - I have just found “DMG Canvas”, which is easy to use, and does exactly what I need.

Thank you all.