IAP - Developer Action Needed

My IAP has been rejected saying Developer Action Needed but it doesn’t say what.
Anyone else seen this?
Only other thing I can see is " Make sure your app supports the SKPaymentTransactionObserver method to process this transaction."
Not sure if Jason IAP module supports this

That callback was “new” for iOS11 and looks like it’s now suddenly required. It’s not currently implemented (what is available can be seen here: iOSKit/PaymentTransactionObserver.xojo_code at master · kingj5/iOSKit · GitHub ) but it shouldn’t be too difficult to add it like the other functions there.

Function signature is “b@:@@@“. Make something like

Private Shared Function impl_shouldAddStorePayment(pid as ptr, sel as ptr, queue as ptr, payment as ptr, product as ptr) as Boolean

Which you can use to implement this like the other delegate methods in the class.

Thanks Jason, but I think I would make a mess of trying to implementing this.
I’ll have to wait for the next update.

Main reason is this will be a universal problem for all XOJO users wanting to do an IAP. So I think GitHub should reflect the fix which I am not confident doing :slight_smile:

Understood. I’ll see what I can do in the next few days

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Got there in the end and have had my IAP accepted thanks Jason for doing the update and Ryan’s previous update in the ‘In-app purchase tutorial’ thread

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