I would like to Execute a Browser App

I would like to execute a browser, in this case FireFox or Safari
this code does not work for me

[code] Dim sh As New Shell

sh.Execute(SettingsWindow.CurrentBrowser.Text, URL or Page)[/code]

CurrentBrowser.Text is set to “/Applications/FireFox.App”

Please advise

just do ShowURL("http://...URL...")

that seems to work

how can i choose which browser will be used ?

how would i view a .html page I created in /Library/Applications Support/NameofAPP/page.html ?

dim f as Folderitem = GetFolderItem("/Library/Applications Support/NameofAPP/page.html", Folderitem.PathTypeNative) dim url as string = f.URLPath ShowURL(url)

You, as the application author, shouldn’t
You should use whatever is the users default browser - which is what ShowURL will do

ok thank you all

Dim s As New Shell s.Execute(PathToWhateverBrowserYouLike + " " + TheURLYouWantToOpen)

Not tested, but should work with nearly all browsers. But as Norman said, you really shouldn’t do that.

What would happens if you ask to open an uninstalled browser ?

There are ways on the Mac with a bunch of declares.

My question to you, is what did the browser do so wrong that it needs executing :wink: