I Wish I Knew How To... Program Word with Xojo in Windows

With Microsoft Word is celebrating its 30th birthday this year it would be remiss to mention that the codename for Word 1.1 was ‘Bill the Cat’ which is very popular and has sold many figurines just as Word has sold many copies.

I Wish I Knew How To… Program Word with Xojo in Windows has been updated to help you use the power of both Word and Microsoft Excel.

If you need reports that can be edited after printing, or can be saved in multiple formats such as the common docx or pdf format, then this book is for you. Most business applications require the famous Windows operating system and is the standard around the world. This book provides an introductory and intermediate steps with over 100 examples to get you on your way to make successful applications.

There is one plugin which is supplied by Xojo that needs to be included in the Plugins folder. This book contains over 250 pages and explains every example in the 15 chapters.

Feel free to view the Table of Contents which includes a glimpse of one of the many topics in the book which is available on http://scispec.ca under the heading books. This book can be purchased at http://great-white-software.com/rblibrary/ where many great resources are available.

New to Version 2.0 – October 2013
This version has the following material added:

  1.  Updated examples to the new Xojo format
  2.  Integrated instructions for the new GUI Xojo style
  3.  Updated and expanded index to easier find methods
  4.  Plugin addition instructions
  5.  Added open password protected file (Example 2-7)
  6.  Modify example 3-6 example window title
  7.  Default example files to C:\\test\\ folder
  8.  Change Example 3-6 Colour example for fifth word
  9.  Update Example 4-7 window title
  10. Change Example 6-1 window header
  11. Rename Example 7-3 file
  12. Added Table Cell Shading (Example 9-17)
  13. Update Example 10-5
  14. Updated Example 10-6 filename
  15. Update Example 11-3 Printer Settings
  16. Feedback request 21378 has been fixed for InchesTo… conversion (11-4)
  17. Updated and added references to Index
  18. Updated Table of Contents

New to Version 2.2 – September 2015

  1.  Added save PDF file
  2.  Added htm file saving
  3.  Added 25 different file save types
  4.  Added highlighting text (Example 3-11)
  5.  Added unhighlighting text (Example 3-12)
  6.  Add a picture to a table (Example 9-18)