I Wish I Knew How To… Program the Canvas Control with Xojo Desktop

I Wish I Knew How To… Program the Canvas Control with Xojo Desktop will provide you with the ability to learn how to modify pictures, graphics, make animation, and how to make two games.

The focus of this book is to work with topics related to the Canvas Control. All of these examples are created with native Xojo code and does not use any third party programs. The examples have been tested on Windows 7, 8.1, OS X 10.9, and Ubuntu 14.04 Operating Systems.

By the time you finish the book you will be able to apply skills from these examples to create your own programs!

Examples were tested on Xojo 2014 r2.

Topics included in the book:

· Text

· Chart Fundamentals

· Objects

· 2D Objects

· Graphics

· Blurring

· Cropping

· Gaussian Blur

· Building basic controls

· Animation

· Sprites

· Two games with step-by-step code explanations to help you build your own

· and more…

What is included with the purchase of this book:

Twelve chapters and over 400 pages of code to build 50 example programs. Create realistic 2D game motion. It also includes example images and the ways to use them in programs.

Contributions are from Alain Bailleul who is the Senior Software Architect at One-Two and has his personal page at: http://alwaysbusycorner.com/

Eugene Dakin is the author of many Xojo reference materials and has many years experience creating technical programs.

Click to download the latest version of the Table of Contents at: http://scispec.ca/index.php/books/27-canvas-control-with-xojo-desktop

This is one of many books at RSLIbrary. This book can be purchased at Great White Software (http://great-white-software.com/rblibrary/) where many great Xojo resources are available.

ISBN: 978-1-927924-06-8