I Wish I Knew How To... Implement Win32 Declares With Xojo on Windows

Announcing “I Wish I Knew How To… Implement Win32 Declares With Xojo on Windows.”

Xojo provides a RAD (Rapid Application Development) environment because it protects the user from the Operating System. This protection and RAD comes at a price of loss of flexibility.

Tapping into the Operating System directly with Declares opens up almost all of the options available for a program - but you are also out of the protection of the safe IDE (Integrated Development Environment) of Xojo. With the ability to change anything with the program or operating system, improper code also provides the ability of a crash. This is written for intermediate and advanced programmers of Xojo.

This book provides many examples that are converted from C++ functions to Xojo. Although there are many Visual Basic examples that can be converted, vb declare example are becoming outdated, have different parameters, or contain misinformation. For these reasons converting from C++ to Xojo is a long-lasting alternative and which this book provides many descriptions, reasons, references, and working examples for Xojo declares.

There are 8 chapters and contains over 250 pages with over 45 example programs.

Examples include creating controls, a new window, GDI, Pens, brushes, Structures, Files, LoWord, and much more. Many screenshots have been added to show the results of the code with an index to help find topics quickly.

Feel free to view the Table of Contents which includes a glimpse of one of the many topics in the book which is available on http://scispec.ca under the heading books. This book can be purchased at at http://great-white-software.com/rblibrary/ where many great resources are available

ISBN: 978-1-927924-10-5