I want to use a button to restart my software

I want to use a button to restart my windows software. What should I do?

#If Not DebugBuild App.ExecutableFile.Launch Quit #endif

This will launch a second copy of your application and quit the current one.

It won’t run correctly when using the debug article because the launched article can’t connect back to the debugger.

Whilst it will work on Windows I don’t believe it is xPlat.

Chances are this won’t work on Mac, because two instances cannot be launched at the same time.

Probably possible in AppleScript.

On Mac, you can use the “open” command in a shell with the -n option to open a new instance.

open -n myapp

An example is in the docs

You could launch a small helper-app and then close your app you want to restart. Helper-app can restart you main-app en close itself.

Indeed. But the shell option with Open seems simple enough.

The OP did say “Windows software”, my warning was just so the rest of you didn’t expect it to work.

Wrong. And read Wayne comment above.

Did I hear an echo ?

Yes, I can run multiple instances of my application.