I want to test my web app locally on Windows

Hi All,

(my first post)

I want to test my Web App locally on Windows

I did a search and found a bit of a cop-out where I read that it is advisable to test on Linux but with 80,000+ developers using XoJo then there must be some documentation / video etc. where I can test a HelloWorld WEB APP locally

Any ideas ???

I did follow some documentation and watched a youtube link and followed the setup instructions but never managed to get a page displaying properly

…I did purchase some XoJo hosting and it worked first time (1701) but I want to test locally which is faster to update/upload etc.


You can build it stand alone and run it

You can install WAMP or XAMP. Or kill yourself trying to configure IIS.

@Norman, I want to host locally for testing on Microsoft IIS platform

@Timothy / All

I want to try & test in IIS . . . . REF “kill yourself trying to configure IIS.”

Why cannot I simply use IIS ??? it’s local and installed . . . I just need advice on configuration

Who can help? . . . I have read that there are more than 80,000+ developers so a few IIS users must be available / around ?


Configuring IIS to run CGI’s is something that seems to vary from one release of IIS to the next
So much so that we do not recommend it
I dont know of any people that have succeeded but many that tried & gave up & ran Linux with Apache instead

I want to try and succeed and test / deploy / play / use locally … who can help ???

… I have a Amazon Windows Server in the cloud available after I get it working locally

I have read that XoJo is multi platform but at the moment I feel this is more of Linux followers

Please can I use Microsoft which is on my local Windows 10 Laptop . . .


It is certainly cross platform- and on Windows our recommendation is to build a standalone application rather than CGI through IIS. You don’t have to follow our recommendation, but it comes from experience.

you could try abyss server, i did manage to get that working previously, but i have long since decided that standalone is the way to go on windows. its just so much easier.

@Oliver Osswald has a tutorial for running a web app standalone behind an iss server at http://osswald.com/xojo/RealStudioWebEditionStandAloneWindowsServerDeployment.pdf.

Because Microsoft made it really hard. Don’t blame Xojo for that. I’m sure it can be done, but there are much easier options available.

Sorry i am new i moved from visual studio to xojo, some body know if the same for deploy in windows server with xojo version 2017 relese 2.1?, in these release is not more choice to select stand alone or cgi, xojo build a windows folders with a exe of the aplication and some cgi file, also include a config that i asume if for port configuration. tks for helps

Not sure I fully understand the question but I run standalone web apps on our local office windows server. Just choose a port for it when you build it, copy the executable to the windows server - start it (as a service I usually do) and get your users to point to the server/port in their web browser and its there.

Tks Paul for your reply that is the problem in mi xojo version i dont find the option for choice the port before build, when i chose build with windows i just find in the inspector these option Windows APP Name, Company, Product, Internal name, file description and in the build option just Include Windows Runtime Dll that you can chose on or off and architecture x86-32 and x86-64 what version of xojo do you use Paul ?

Have a look at the bottom of the project explorer and build settings, the port can be set there. I have 3 apps running, all on different ports, no issues.


go higher - Top item in the build setting is “Shared”

You can change what you want there

Tks Brian and Paul i find them i will try really apreciated yours help

You can specify the Port as an option when starting with --Port=8000

Why not install Apache?

I think the Question ist: Why install Apache??? :wink:

Because unlike on MacOS, on Windows it is not installed ?