I need your help with BLOB Data

Good morning everyone.
anyone can help me with this?
I have some files stored in BLOB fields from a Oracle database, the files I have saved as Binary, now I want to retrieve those files and display them, but I have no idea how to make them.
I have saved files are flash files, images and pdf’s …
I tried to display a flash file (swf) in a WebHTMLViewer with this …
But just show me several strange symbols …

Dim Read As String
Dim Connect As Recordset

Read= “SelectBlob files from documents”
Connect= DataBaseName.SQLselect(Read)
If Connect <> Nil Then
While not Connect.EOF
MsgBox “No Files”
End if

Do not know how to read me files and display Blob field on a HTMLViewer for example.

Thanks in Advance.

The straightforward way to do this is to make a WebFile. See the example in the Language Ref. You’ll need to get the MIME type for your flash or PDF file correct. Then assign the URL of the WebFile to the URL property of the WebHTMLViewer.

If you’re deploying with a web server like Apache present, you may want to write the files out and then Apache serve them to keep load on your app lower.

and how to do it?
since I’m practically new to this platform programming …
I can focus a little more?

Thanks for your help

Look up BinaryStream in the LR

I have read several times the reference language and does not understand.
Need of your help please!!!