I need answers to upgrading Web API 2

Questions I need answers:

  1. When I loaded a test web app in Xojo it warned me that some controls were not compatible, But it doesn’t say what? I’m afraid that when I load a real project things will be removed that I may not notice. How do I handle this?

  2. When I went to save it, it brought up a save as dialog, does this mean I shouldn’t save it over the original project, which would mean setting up a new Git repository for each one. Is this necessary?

  3. I have over 10+ apps that are all run from frames in our WP Site. Is there any way to do this without creating a subdomain for each. No app is run from outside our web site.

  4. So all subdomains will point to the same ip, our xojo cloud server, correct.

  5. Is there any kind of guide on how to upgrade to web 2?

  6. What happened to Styles?

That’s all I have now, I’m sure I will have more.

Thanks for any and all help

I will wait for Greg on some of these but here are some things that will help.

This talks about WebStyles:

This will help with converting web projects:

I would suggest saving into a new directory so you can continue to deploy the old version with 2019r3.2 if you run into delays while converting to the new framework.

On Xojo Cloud, no. Each app is loaded onto the server in standalone mode (because CGI is gone) and has a load balancer/reverse proxy configuration in front of it. One subdomain = One App.


I read those.

Just tried a real project. It has a container control with the UI. After I saved the project and reopened it I got this error:

Unable to open project correctly

The project refers to files that could not be located or opened properly.

The file referenced is the container that has all the UI controls and underlying code.

I have many apps that have 10 or more container controls with the ui in them.

If this is the way it is this is a showstopper.

How can I fix this?

Here’s an update.

I reloaded the original we 1 project, but this time saved it as binary. Closed it then reopened it and it opened.

Are you then able to save it back as text? and have it open properly?

I edited the Binary, Then saved as Text, then it opened ok.