I need an app to find....

I will be happy to purchase if someone has it. I need an app that will search an entire system of drives and list all folder address that contain a specific file type, Example, I want to find every folder that contains .TIFF files.

I’m sure I could figure out how to write this but I’m really not inclined nor do I have the time right now. My specific need is to locate ALL image files on my computer but then be able to to list out the folder urls…

Just to be clear do you need CODE or an APP ?

There are several options

  1. terminal (the find command find / -name *.TIFF and filter the results)
  2. spotlight searches (either in Xojo or Finder)
  3. and app like Thomas Tempelmann’s Find Any File

all of these all image files then you just keep a list of unique folders containing these items
how they get what they get and the speed may vary

The Thomas Tempelmanns find any file may be just what I need. The problem is, I’m a photographer and have probably over 100,000 images on file. I have used lightroom for many years and have a solid database of my images but I am afraid through laziness and carelessness I have folders strewn here and there that have failed to be imported into the database and are just sitting there unaccounted for. This from years of loading images then changing computers and… oh well. I don’t have a mess but I want to be sure that all my images are accounted for. If I just had a solid list of folders that contain images, I could use Bridge to make sure they are also in lightroom.

Just trying to do some clean up to start the year off a little better organised…

Thanks Norman for the lead on the app.