I need a tutorial?

I haven’t used Xojo in a long time. In fact I used it back when it was called RealBasic. I’ve forgotten everything.

Can anyone point me in the direction of a good tutorial that shows me how to access variables from one control that are in another?

Also, if I add a Global Property to my app then it should be accessable from any control, no?

[edit] I tried to add a Global variable in my Main Windows Open event but it still wasn’t accessable within other controls. I’m kind of lost.


With all the changes in the languaje, maybe that is a good thing.

If the variable IS IN the open event, it is local to that event.

Currently Your only options are the documentation or the youtube channel:

And a side note, talking about scope, it is weird, some one from Xojo wrote a couple days ago that the scope of things it was a super davanced topic that newbies didnt need to understand :thinking:


Welcome back, there is also the Introduction to Xojo Programming Textbook.

if you speak about a container control with other controls inside you can use computed properties.
it have default scope public.
as example
var a as string = mycontrol1.mycomputedpropertie
mycontrol1.mycomputedpropertie = “Hello”
computed propertie have a get and set method there you can return a textfield.text or write into.

Perhaps this is the answer to your pray