I missed the memo on SQLite...

I have to admit that I have been away from RS/Xojo for well over a year so I am sure there was a memo on this somewhere. Why and what is the reason for changing/moving from RealSQLDatabase to SQLiteDatabase? They are both wrappers for SQLite, aren’t they? Will my old apps break if I don’t update my codes?


The difference is that REALSQLDatabase did some sql injection that would cause some queries to not work. The new SQLiteDatabase does not. That’s the big difference at least. If you had a primary key in all of your tables and you did not rely upon the internal rowid then you should be fine.

We also needed to remove REAL from the name with the Xojo release.

It is based on a new SQLite version (

Note that the latest SQLite version is 3.7.17 since… 2013-05-20 !


@Emile Schwarz
We don’t update just because there’s a new version available. If there’s something in the latest version that you need, file a feature request.