I do not understand the behavior after closing the modal window

I have opened a modal window (as shown in the below screen shot).
When I select a date, I wanted the modal window to close.
The window disappears, but there is white rectangle (where the modal window was)
and the screen does not get invalidated.

If it is only the invalidation, then I would understand, but the modal screen seems to
re-popup when I click outside the white rectangle.

  • The window is a modal dialog, so it seems that the modal screen is not closed properly,
    and it opens again.

Why would there be a white rectangle in the first place, and why would the modal window
popup again?

Any suggestions to resolve the issue?

Screen shot when the modal screen has popup up.

Screen shot when the modal screen is closed.

Do you use implicit instance for the calendar window?

@Beatrix_Willius I did. Should I try with non implicit instance?

Yes, try without. Showing a second window is typical error when using implicit instance.

@Beatrix_Willius Thanks for the idea, but that was not the problem.
I have been opening the modal dialog from “OnFocus” event.
So when the modal was closed, it got focused, and reopened the window.

Silly me…

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