I can't get multiple selection in WebListBox

I have multiple rows selected in my WebListBox,
but only one WebListBox.Selected( row ) is true.

How can I get multiple selected rows?

The environment is as follows.
Mac OS 10.15.7
Xojo 2022r2

The code is below.

for i = 1 to me. RowCount
if WebListBox.SelectedRowIndex = ( i - 1 ) = true then
selected_row_list. Add( i - 1 )
end if

I understand the cause.
When initializing the WebListBox,

Me.RowSelectionType = WebListBox.RowSelectionTypes.Single

was defined.
When I commented out this line, I was able to get multiple lines.

Even if RowSelectionType is Single,
I think it’s strange behavior that multiple rows can be selected in the actual application,
but anyway, it was my setting mistake, so I’m sorry.

If I remember correctly there was a discussion about this not long ago and there should be a bug report (can’t find the number right now). I hope this is fixed for the next Xojo release.

Edit: It looks like is already fixed for the next release, case #68934

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