I cannot run Xojo (2015r1) anymore

I cannot run Xojo (2015r1) anymore on my Windows 10 (1803) laptop.

Nota: the sound card is said to be … absent (?) since some weeks, then the Monitor (Tablet) Battery was absent too and then, yesterday, the second battery is absent too (at 0% ?) not easy to say.

But I can fire a bunch of other applications (Acrobat Reader as an example, MICE, FireFox, etc.)

I even tried to drag and drop a Xojo binary project unsuccessfully.

(and I do not talked about the MacBook Pro “loudspeakers” who started to be bad, the left one, then the right one…) Am I cursed ?

An application generated on MacOS runs fine on that Lenovo 2in1 laptop.

Idea(s) ? (beside trashing it)

After a reinstall, Xojo was run, yesterday evening.

Now: a double-click in the shortcut (link) in the Desktopn run Xojo.

Xojo is now OK: I have the new/open, etc. window.