I can see this like face at Xojo Startup

Sorry, it’s easy drawing.

This pic tittle is “Xojo man”. I have a idea of other version is “Xojo Robo”.

Great. Now all i can see when I open Xojo is that face even when it’s not there :wink:

Thank you! Albin. I feel this like a Mac start up WelCome icon in OS9 age.

this is true on too many levels…
and this was a great movie…

Hi scott!
I searched this movie information online, but I find no information. I want see this movie. I learned the word meaning of nerd. In Japanese, we call it “O-TA-KU”.

It’s “War Games” - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0086567/

“Do you want to play a game?”

yes. “Thermo Nuclear War”

uh… Tic-tac-Toe would have been a safer choice with that computer :slight_smile:

Thank you! Sebastian, Dave. I will go to find this movie at Video Shop. iTunes store has no this movie in Japan.

At that time I think we all have the same passwords in BBS “joshua” :wink:

Matthew Broderick is soooo young

it is 20+ year old movie. it was one of the first movies that had hackers in it. it might have been the first. not sure.

Oh, I see. I use cable TV and I search Movie Channel on program slowly.