I can open drop files into my app, now what?

Hello all!,
I’m Javier. New guy here. i’m a passionate about xojo and making my tools with it.
I have a stone in my way and can’t find the way around it…

I’m receiving files dropped into my app icon and need to add them to a list AND THEN, when finish loading all the dropped files, need to process them.

I’m using app event opendocument. to get each file, they get as “item”, then i can add the a list.
so far, so good.
the problem is: I would like to know when that loop is done, so i can proceed AFTER all the files are loaded into my list and process.

is there any event that say “you finish loading all the droped files” ??

i think i need something like this:

If Obj.FolderItemAvailable Then
//adding to a list
Loop Until Not Obj.NextItem
End If
//after here all files added, Now continue working with the list

how can i applied this? “item” doesn’t have a “no more nextitem”?
help please?

you are all great i learn a lot reading you!

There was a discussion exactly about that last week :wink:

Thank you Arnaud, I will investigate!

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