HyperCard Adventures

I thought some of you might enjoy this…

It’s an emulated Mac Classic running System 7 with MacPaint and HyperCard installed:


There’s a Hacker News conversation about it here:


  • Tim

@Tim Dietrich — I have never been a fan of HyperCard. What really drew me in was the proportional font. I was using an Atari ST at the time and the Macintosh emulator “Spectre” was just mind-blowing for me! I bought my first Mac (a powerBook Duo) and never looked back.

However, that does not prevent me to criticize Apple when I feel it necessary… especially in the few past years.

Having an HyperCard experience allows users to run first in the Xojo bandwaggon !

Every HyperCard object can get code just like Xojo. XCMD (?) vs Plugins…

The learning curve from HC to RB/RS/Xojo was… fast.

210 ? 230 ? 2400 (the PPC) ?

“Paperclip” -> “Please insert disk1” :slight_smile:

Click in Disk 1 (I think).

But you loose nothing if you do not…

this is (more or less) a fake HyperCard running.

And HyperCard in the last 80s had 6 floppies with tons of examples…

You have the feeling to go back in the 80s or 90s, that is all.

Its funny, but that is all. :frowning:

That is fun :slight_smile: Had a very strong moment of some strong emotion launching mac paint and just looking at that original interface. Used that for the first time in High School and being already into computers in the form of the TRS-80’s and Apple ][e’s that we had previously in school I was just blown away at the pattern fill and other bits of that which worked so well and so fast compared to what could be done elsewhere :slight_smile:

@Emile Schwarz — That was a 230. Great machine!

Ugh I LOVED HyperCardStudio when I was a kid! Another one of the ways I first started getting into programming. I can’t recall when I made the jump from HyperCard to Xojo but I remember having learned a lot of the basics from looking at sample HyperCard projects. Between that and writing BASIC on actual “floppy” disks for our Apple II at home, I started programming games as an outlet to my appease my creative side. A few decades later I’m now programming as a career. I wish I could still go back and look at some of the games a wrote. I remember finding workarounds like crazy to make my ideas come to life for a HyperCard Zelda Adventure game back in the day. Is there any actual relationship between Xojo/RealBasic and HyperCard?

@Brock Nash —

We always told you: backup, backup and more backup!

Stphane: I still have mine

On that era I ended up using HyperCard at a daily base for creating “application” like stuff. By discovering HyperCard gets abandoned, looking for a replacement, I switched to REALbasic, which is Xojo now.