Hyper-linking existing PDF files

A need has arisen where I work where large PDF files (commonly > 2000 pages) need to be hyper-linked. The PDF files are in fact Brief’s of Evidence (prosecution files) and are generally in a particular format and order. Generally, the order is as follows: 1. Various index documents, 2. Witness statements and 3. Exhibit documents. Usually there are many more exhibit documents than there are witness statements.

In each witness statement, the witness may refer to an many exhibit documents and it’s this reference that needs to be hyper-linked to the particular exhibit document. As a standard each exhibit is allocated an exhibit number, commencing at 1 but displayed as “0001”. The filename of the individual exhibit is accordingly named, “0001.pdf” Using Adobe Professional (version 7) these files are merged and as a consequence bookmarks are automatically created.

I’ve been tasked to find software that will ease the process of automatically creating hyper-links.

Does Xojo have the necessary tools available so that I can scan PDF documents, check existing bookmarks, apply hyper-linking where necessary? If not, what are the options available?


You can get the MBS DynaPDF Plugin and do that.