Hurricane Watch

It’s a rough season this year. To our friends on the East coast, please be careful and evacuate if recommended. I’ve lived through many hurricanes as a first responder (and as a kid dating back to Camille), and the aftermath for people that don’t evacuate is pretty grim in Cat 3 and above.

Here on Maui, we’ve lucked out by a near miss that was Lane, and Ophelia is bearing down on us this morning. Again, luck played into the Pacific storms and Ophelia is now just a tropical storm, but we’re still expecting 20" of rain and flash flooding from the Haleakala run off. Unfortunately back East, Florence isn’t lessening and Helene is just a few days behind. Hopefully Isaac won’t worsen and the new low pressure disturbance SW of the Azores won’t become a full blown storm.

Be prepared and be safe!

Good news is that Helene isn’t actually coming here. It’s going to visit our friends across the pond. We are keeping an eye on Issac though, if that storm decides to make a right turn we’ll get to see that one in a little over a week.

Greg, what about Florence? Do you expect heavy rains/winds?

This is why I’d rather live in “earthquake country”

Just got home yesterday around 5PM EST from OBX.
way to ruin a vacation

those don’t even warrant a mention… I’ve lived in California all my life, and a “severe” storm has never been something I’ve worried about…

Those that live in “Hurricane Country” spend days (per storm) worrying about if/when it will impact them, boarding up the house, evacuating and all those other required protocols. However, here we don’t worry about earthquakes, its a waste of time, when they do hit, you have mere seconds of warning, and a few seconds later its over… and hopefully you are still standing. But I will bet that the total amount of earthquake damage in California in the last decade is nothing compared to any single major hurricane in the same period.

We’ll get some. It keeps turning southward, so at this rate we’ll probably get a little wind, rain and thunder.

Our power is already fluctuating though. A common side effect of storms like this.

Due to Florence we, Western Europe seem to get nice and sunny weather. What a contradiction.
Hope all involved on the East Cost be careful and will stay safe !