Hung WebSessions

I’m not sure if this is a bug, but, if a WebSession hangs or becomes unresponsive and the user refreshes the page, or closes the browser, the WebSession never quits and remains in memory.

I’m having a problem where a page becomes unresponsive for whatever reason , the user gets bored and hits refresh, back or closes the browser, and the hung session then remains for ever. When I have a few of these hung sessions it then seems to prevent all subsequent sessions from quitting and then the sessions build up until the app runs out of memory.

I can reproduce the hung session remaining in a test app but I can’t reproduce subsequent sessions sticking in the test app.

Is this a bug? Should the session stop if it’s no longer connected?

If that’s reproducible in a simple app, file a bug report. I’d like to see that.

Ok, I’ve filed a bug report - 44332 - Hung WebSessions not clearing


Is Feedback 44360 relevant to you?. I no longer have Session Count failing to drop, as long as I never use Session.Quit, and just let sessions die naturally via default timeout logic.

I looked into this case and I’m still not convinced that Session.Quit is the culprit. All that method does is set a flag on the session itself which tells the framework that the next time sessions are purged, it can close that particular session instead of waiting the full timeout period. There’s really nothing to leak there.

Hmmm…I suppose this means you were able to reproduce the problem with the simple app I submitted in Feedback 44360.