I have this strange behaviour from even the most simple code that is ever made to the test!!
From the manual at

Dim http As New HTTPSocket MsgBox(http.Get("", 30))

My simple app, containing just some buttons, freeze … until maybe 30-45 seconds and then an empty MsgBox occur.
Other URL’s are (sometimes) faster and also provide the code for the page in the message…

What’s happening!? Why is there a delay for such a long time!?

It looks like way too much information to stuff into a msgbox. The example shows the data going in to a string variable. I would try that first and see how long it takes.

hmm, wierd. Works here :slight_smile:
As Joseph suggested. Try:

Dim http As New HTTPSocket Dim s as String = http.Get("", 30) MsgBox s

Use http.Yield = True, to not freeze the GUI thread.

Also, you should check the HTTP.PageHeaders and the HTTPStatus that are received, since you may receive a redirect status (301 or 302).

Yea, it’s working… But it sure aint fast!
But at the other hand, maybe it’s Google that don’t enjoy automatic requests…!

DIM http as New HTTPSocket
http.Yield = TRUE

DIM strSearchString as String = “” + encodeURLComponent( txtSearch.text )

DIM tmp as String = http.Get(strSearchString , 30)
TextArea1.text = tmp[/code]