HTTPSocket ThreadProtection

I’m having some issues I think relate to HTTPSockets.

I just discovered a property on the HTTPSocket I have never noticed before: ThreadProtection
Can someone help me with what it does?


I have a problem with HTTPSecureSocket.
Sometimes I get no response from my post.
The post is executed in a thread and the only difference I could find was this property.
See screenshot below.
On the left side the properties of the HTTPSecureSocket when the post was successful.
On the right side when I got no answer.

Did you try MBS CURL Plugin instead?

ThreadProtection is an internal implementation which prevents the socket from processing data out of order. The fact that they’re different just means that you caught them at different times in the download cycle.

That said, is it possible that you get a different response from the server (as in no response) if you’ve already posted the data?