HTTPSocket problem

I am using an HTTPSocket to send a GET request to a PHP script on my server that will send a customer support email to me. I create the URL with three GETs (user’s name, email address and a JSON string. When I copy the string into the URL bar of Firefox, it works perfectly sending me the message with an acknowledgement email to the user. But when I send the message from my Xojo desktop app, I get an email with the user’s first name, but not his last name. I also get his email address, but all of the JSON fields are empty. My command is a = soc.Get(b, 20) where a is a string to hold the echo from the PHP script, soc is an HTTPSocket that is a property of the Window, and b is the URL string that works when pasted into Firefox. I am using xojo 2014R2.1

Are you URL encoding the data in your url string?

I didn’t know about the EncodeURLComponent function. Thanks Tim. That solved the problem. I think Firefox must have been doing it behind the scenes when I pasted the URL.