httpsocket post binary string

Hi ,

I have a desktop app that saves ( text files (~1MB) to webserver.
I have php file to take this post and make it a file to server.
It works fine.
Now I wanted to make it little faster and I gzipped these textfiles with
MBS gzip plugin (CreateForString and CloseForString).
Filesize drops to less than 10% and everything is much faster.

My question is, is it safe to use this post with binary string?
Everything seems to work fine for my surprise, because i thought
that this string breaks for all kinds of encoding problems.

Here is my php code if that matters:

<?php $data = $_POST["a"]; $folder = $_POST["b"]; $file = $_POST["c"]; if (file_exists($folder)) { $fp = fopen("$folder/$file", "w"); fwrite ($fp, $data); fclose ($fp); print "ok"; } ?>


The new framework Xojo.NET.HTTPSocket uses memoryblocks that will be able to post your binaries.

HTTPSocket should work fine posting binary data.