HTTPSocket and PATCH Method

I’m working with an API that uses PATCH commands for updating records. However, the Xojo HTTPSocket and HTTPSecureSocket classes don’t support PATCH methods.

My plan is to implement a PATCH method on a subclass of HTTPSocket / HTTPSecureSocket. But before I go down that road, I thought I’d ask if anyone else has run into the need for PATCH support, and if so, how you handled it.

Thanks in advance.

HTTPSocket and HTTPSecureSocket have a SendRequest method, which can be used to send custom requests, besides Get and Post.

@Ashot Khachatryan: Thank you so much! I’m not sure how I missed that, but I suspected there was an easier way to do a PATCH.

Keep in mind that these sockets send http/1.0 requests and that the ability to use verbs other than GET and POST came later.