httpserver response

hi there :slight_smile:

first off all, excuse my bad English, its not my native language.

I’m using a https server in my xojo desktop app, the http server code is adapted from the xojo example project.
My problem is now, that my app don’t response every time, sometimes the httpserver seems to be on hold. The browser is waiting for a response, but when my window will get the focus, the http server is responding.

It seems that the http server is going on hold, when the app window is going to the background.

Maybe somebody has an idea whats the problem is here…

On which platform and OS are you running your app?

Its running on osx Yosemite

What you are experiencing is called App Nap. Do a search for “app nap” here on the forum as there have been many discussions about how to stop this behavior.

Thank you, that is an rly interesting hint :slight_smile: