When I try to go to my browser says it can’t find the server. Can others get there?

Also if I try Emailing the plugin list ( or Bjorn directly ( my Emails are bouncing.

Did his server go down or is the net having issues? Anyone know?


Same here. I check in there from time to time. Then when I came to the forum, there was your post smack on top. :slight_smile:

Yea its awful situation, this is the message from our host right now:

The server had a hardware failure that also caused auto-snapshot backup to fail.
The good news is that we are able to retrieve data and are currently restoring it to the new system.

It seems like large rack went completely out, and is still out. But worry not I am still here and not about to disappear, hopefully web and mail will be up again soon.

The server still seems to be down. :frowning:
I urgently need to download the xls-writer plugin. Is there an alternative way to get the Einhugur stuff?

I am looking for the Python Plugin.

I can put up the demo versions somewhere which should be enough to develop with them for now.

There is no keyserver to decode the full while they complete the restoration of the server raid cluster.

Which Python plugin were you looking for ? For Pyhon 2.7x or 3.x ?

Here is download link to those 2 plugins (demo version) …(assuming you Wanted Python 3.x)!AmeKIsBCQHA5tCH6NisA5uT6Ptze?e=1bjG30

If your in hurry to deploy your product then we can probably supply full versions and I think we can respond to manual Registrator decode challenges in our support portal which is up, at:

(Am almost certain we can do most manual decode challenges)

Hopefully things will start to clear up, this all has taken amazing amount of time causing me to look for new host but even so then I am still crippled from moving asap to new host due to missing vital data from the crashed raid system at current host.


Thanks @Björn Eiríksson

I shall download the same and use them.

Once your site is back, kindly let me know, I shall register online to get the full version.

I don’t need to deploy the app immediately. Shall wait.

Thank you till then.

Our servers are back on line, including the KeyServer to decode plugins, I would like to thank everyone for the patience during this awful downtime.

@Björn Eiríksson
I wanted to understand. Is it possible to import python libraries into Python plugin while using it with Xojo.
Say for eg : Tkinter or SerialPy. The reason I ask about libraries is not because I need these particular libraries, but because I want to work on Machine Learning and so I would like to make use of various deep learning libraries available with Python through Xojo. I am not at all used to Python, have never used it ever, don’t understand it at all. And so I don’t want to learn python from scratch for all of my projects. I want to stick with Xojo as my primary language and work only on Python for specialities.

You can import some at least. Users have done that. As well as loading specialized Python distros with the plugin into Xojo.

With that said, then there is no guaranty that all libraries would work, it really depends on what they do and how.