HTTP Socket RPi

Just received a strange error on my Raspberry Pi Program It reads the following.

Runtime Error
Press Ok to continue
Press Cancel to quit

Please report what caused this error along with the information below

HTTPSocketImpLinux/cpp: 232
Failure Condition: false
NULL content object

My program makes scheduled API calls I assume this is happening on either the response or request of one of these.

POST LOGIN (every 30 seconds)
POST REGISTER (every 10 seconds) (and on the response of a LOGIN call)

The program uses a linked list as a request que and only sends one request at a time.
Requests of type LOGIN or REGISTER will only be added to the que if a request of there type doesn’t exist already.

If the request receive a response after 5 seconds it will cancel the request using Socket.disconnect then since it is still in the que it will resend.

Does anyone have any clue as to what this error message means?

Note: after pressing ‘Ok’ the program continued to run normally.

The same error just occured on another device running the same program.