HTTP request crashes app

I want to connect to an api to implement some of it’s features on my app. but for some reason when want to set the request header and send a GET request and i launch my app it instantly tells me “Debug application stopped responding” and crashes, please can someone help me out. Here is my code:

I have my Xojo.Net.HTTPsocket as a class in a module called DiscordSocket with a PageReceived event .
I have a property in Session called Message where i store the value from the socket’s PageReceived event when i get a response.

I access the class on my main webpage Shown event with this:

DIM DiscordSocket AS NEW DiscordApi.DiscordSocket
DiscordSocket.RequestHeader("Authorization") = "Bot 989afsahjfag6asfkljas8asvgajhsv6ao3asgcha6wrwqr"
DiscordSocket.Send("GET", "")

ListBox1.AddRow("Received: ") + Session.Message

This is my code in the PageReceived event:

Dim buffer As Text = Xojo.Core.TextEncoding.UTF8.ConvertDataToText(Content)

Session.Message = buffer

In the app’s HandleUrl i have this code:

Dim sessionContext As New WebSessionContext(Self.SessionWithIdentifier(SessionID))

IF Request.Path = "discord" THEN
  DIM DC AS NEW MainPage
  DC.ListBox1.AddRow("RAW : " + Request.Entity)
  DIM content AS STRING
  content = Request.Entity
  DC.ListBox1.AddRow("Recieved Post: " + content)
  Request.Status = 200
  Return True

The redirect url on the API is http://MyIPhere/discord

I have no clue if this code is sufficient enough for it to work but i cant figure out why my app keeps crashing, please can someone help me out.

Thanks in advance!

  • Dian

Which OS do you use? Can you post a crash log - at least the relevant part?

Thanks for the reply!
On Windows but it will be compiled for Linux.

There is no log though, only this:

I managed to find the solution, i just used the HTTPsecuresocket and not Xojo.Net.HTTPsocket, it turns out i am able to send requests over http 1.0.