HTMLViewer with pdf Problem

I have a problem with an HTMLViewer - Can anyone else reproduce this:

  1. Create a new blank OS X project.
  2. Drag an HTMLViewer into the window.
  3. Load in a pdf file from the desktop, using the code below:

// DISPLAY THE PDF FILE Dim pdfi as FolderItem = SpecialFolder.Desktop.Child("test.pdf") If pdfi.Exists And pdfi <> Nil Then HTMLViewer1.LoadPage(pdfi) End If
4) Look at the top right of the HTMLViewer - just above the scrollbar there is a small grey rectangle? If you drag that rectangle downwards, it acts as a splitter control, and reveals a SECOND version of the pdf file???



listbox? htmlviewer? you are confused?

And pdf is probably showed by the PDF plugin for htmlviewer.

Duh - sorry - HTMLViewer problem - (Title changed accordingly) :slight_smile:
Why would that cause a splitter and 2 versions of my pdf?

I am using Xojo 2015R1, no Bug here, no splitter

Axel - I am using the very latest version of Xojo (2.2)
Maybe that is the issue?

Here is the link to the app (compiled using the latest Xojo):

link text

I cannot reproduce this either.

I think you must have an errant splitter control somewhere on your window.


Simon - I have never had a splitter control, and it is a brand new project file.

The link here is a brand new project - compiled using the very latest Xojo (2015 r2.2), and on my system, displays a splitter above the top of the scrollbar, which when dragged down, shows a second version of the pdf.

link text

If you run this app, and you don’t see the problem, then the problem must be with some setting on my actual iMac?

Yes, I did.


Oh dear - this then opens up a whole new problem.
Does this mean that my system settings are at fault? If so, I have no idea where to even look on my system to check this?

Here are screenshots of what I see:

link1 text
link2 text

Christian mentioned the pdf plugin for the HTMLViewer - but surely that would apply to everyone, not just me - and it shouldn’t cause 2 versions of the same pdf file to appear in 1 HTMLViewer?

I think it may be because I have Adobe Acrobat XI Pro installed.

I have noticed that when I move the cursor down towards the bottom of the pdf file - an adobe toolbar appears with print and zoom options etc.

Hopefully I can prevent Acrobat XI Pro from displaying itself inside a Xojo HTMLViewer?

Yes, it was due to having Acrobat XI Pro installed!!!

I uninstalled it, and now it works as expected. The problem is that any of my users which have Acrobat XI Pro installed will encounter this strange behaviour, and then think it is my app’s fault :frowning:

I could not even find a way to disable this feature in Acrobat XI Pro, so I had to completely uninstall it.

Thanks guys.

You may try loading the PDF in a Canvas instead. The Acrobat plugin should not interfere.

I never realised you could even do that with multi-page pdfs?
I will try that later :slight_smile:

Thank you Michel !

[quote=195723:@Richard Summers]I never realised you could even do that with multi-page pdfs?
I will try that later :slight_smile:

Thank you Michel ![/quote]

No, it does not work with multi-page PDF…

That’s fascinating! Is that Mac only? Could one do that to get an image of the first ( title ) page of a multi-page .pdf? ( I’m often needing to do that ).

On OSX - You get the first Page, but better use ImageWell with AutoResize


[code] declare sub setImageScaling lib “Cocoa” selector “setImageScaling:” _
( handle as integer, value as integer )
setImageScaling( me.handle, 0 )

declare sub setImageFrameStyle lib “Cocoa” selector “setImageFrameStyle:” _
( handle as integer, value as integer )
setImageFrameStyle( me.handle, 0 )

Declare sub setFocusRingType lib “Cocoa” Selector “setFocusRingType:” _
(handle As Integer, type as Integer)
setFocusRingType(Me.Handle, 0

Unfortunately, it does not work on PC.