HTMLViewer Strange behavior (the return)

In a long running project, I get back this error:

Before answering, read carefully the next lines:

a. the folder where the data resides is in Documents/aMule Downloads/My_Project

(My_Project replaces the original folder name).

b. I placed each archive into its own folder, uncompact it, add more descriptive data (in .txt files), custom icons, etc.
So, I worked some days on this folder.

c. I generated many times the html data, and save one html file using the project.

d. Yesterday, without any save since… I forget when, I starting to get this error.

But, this time, I was creative: I moved the folder to an external HDD (after checking the internal SSD, reboot, etc.)
And the error goes away without any change to the data folder.

So, curious as I was 50 years ago, I copied the data folder back to the Amule Download folder, run the project and get the error.

I got this error with Ventura sometimes ago (many months), but I do not recall where the data folder resides (in Documents, Downloads or in an external volume).

Last tima I asked about this in this folder people where talking about HTMLFolder.Load(File or Folder)…

Obviously this is not the case.

Ideas ?

I think the error is pretty clear. In the relativeTo parameter of the LoadPage call, you are passing a folderitem which points to a folder instead of a file.

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But why a difference since I moved the whole folder; the project is dealing with (its dealing with data inside that folder) ?
No alias.

Maybe it doesn’t exist in the new location?

Thank you Greg for trying to help.

I checked in the Language Reference for Xojo 2021r2.1 and get:

While the current documentation (on line) says different:
wRender.HTMLViewer1.LoadPage(TA.Text, Data_FI.Child("index.html")

So, I tested that and stopped to get this error (this worked everywhere: boot SSD, external HD).
But a bad behavior comes: I do not get the images displayed in the HTMLViever.

I will do like the previous time: abandon the matter and only work with an external HD.

[Original answer before the test reported above]
I added this code before HTMLViewer.Open:
System.DebugLog "[Data_FI.NativePath]: " + Data_FI.NativePath
wRender.HTMLViewer1.LoadPage(TA.Text, Data_FI)

TA.Text have valid html data (I can save it and load in Safari / Firefox),
Data_FI is valid too, the NativePath return prove that.

Voyage au fond des mers - Data is a folder.

And get:
The folder copied in the boot Downloads folder:
[Data_FI.NativePath]: /Users/emile_schwarz/Downloads/Voyage au fond des mers/Voyage au fond des mers - Data

“Same” result when I use the original folder stored in an external HD.
[Data_FI.NativePath]: /Volumes/INTENSO/Voyage au fond des mers/Voyage au fond des mers - Data

Yes, I changed the folder from Documents/amuld Downloads to Downloads just in case…
I also modified the folder permissions (from Downloads) to Read-Write for all…

I have some more System.DebugLog lines, that is why I prefixed the path with [Data_FI.NativePath]:.

NB. I had lately an error in the same project, different feature (it save a Folder full of images into a reduced version in a different folder).
After some intensive research, it happened that the hard disk where the smaller images are saved was full.
The error message does not reveal that; the clue was an incomplete image icon, and once loaded, the file was incomplete. Then I looked at the free space value and saw 0Bytes ;).

The problem occured with WiFi ON and OFF, and >30GB of free space in the boot volume (where the error occured).