HTMLViewer.StatusChanged / scroll position?

Thanks to BKeeney Briefs, I know that in 2017r1 this:

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The problem is that I used this to send the current scroll position back to my app when the viewer was scrolled. This was then used if the page’s HTML needed to be completely reloaded, it could scroll back to the same position it was at before.

Is there any way to get the scroll position of the page content (via Javascript or any other way) back into my actual app? I can still set the scroll position easily using ExecuteJavaScript.

Yeah, the only way now is to use TitleChanged.

If you are sending more data than the scroll position keep in mind that the Title element is limited to 4kb, so you may have to paginate larger blobs of data.

Yep just a few minutes ago though of that and was about to reply to my post after testing to see if it works on Windows (where things don’t usually work). Thanks for your help Tim. Not excited for when TitleChanged will no longer fire from Javascript…

It is extremely doubtful TitleChanged will ever be barred from JavaScript.