HTMLViewer’ Set URL WIndow get JavaScript "" instead of an url !

HTMLViewer’ Set URL WIndow get JavaScript “” instead of an url nearly says all (and probably nothing to you).

In a project with an HTMLViewer Control, I use another window to set the URL (so I do not waste 40 or more pixels in the window height).

The URL set in that window is stored in a Property, then passed to the HTMLViewer Control.

On OS X, this works fine.

On WIndows 8.1, I get JavaScript "" when I call that window to change a date in the URL parameter string. (HTMLViewer.ExecuteJavaScript is not used anywhere in this project and even if, why will the result be so different on <> platforms ?)

I’ve made a search on the project for the Property name and seek where I set HTMLViewer.LoadURL(TheURL) and found nothing (and I am quite sure that I do not put a single word of JavaScript…).

Any idea of a location to look for ?

Nota: this is a project I have lost and I am adding the features it have in the standalone; this feature works fine in the standalone.

Here’s a screen shot of my window with the wrong url:

I wrote earlier (before the screen shot)my window, because sometimes the displayed window is not mine, but from Windows itself (I suppose).

Still no idea ?

Post the code that shows that result.

Hi Michel,

here you are: HTMLViewer.LoadURL(TheURL)

TheURL is filled in that window’s OK Button.

When I put an url into the above window’s TextField, it is saved in a Module Property.

I checked - as I wrote above - all instances of the Module Property to be sure nothing nowhere can set a value to that property “behind my back” (that I forgot since 2014).

All of these works fine in the OS X build.

I’ve made a run of checks for code in KeyDown events, MenuItems, the code in the above window, etc. just in case I can find something, some error I may have, but I do not found a single clue there.

Nota: I am quite sure to already made these checkings, but sometimes the memory fails.

Incredible: I already place this very question here and get a suggestion. That suggestion have been implemented (UserAgent, I set one)

Also, I enhanced the way the URL was set since then.

Also, the current project is based on a project last modified 27 days after that question (2015-10-30…).

In the youngest folder that holds the last version (before the hard disk erase) of the project I rebuild the current from… I had a compiled (exe) application. That also have the bad behavior.

What I recall, but without any archive for that project/application) is that I used it on Windows from November 28th 2015 'till December 24 (or 25), 2015, a period of time I do not had a MacBook handly. So, somewhere in that time area, a solution was found.

And since I use that application for screen shots…

I get the other window that appears when I press Ctrl-L on Windows 8.1:

And it works: I typed Google and it showed the Google main page in my HTMLViewer…

Yes, I read what is in thet window: I have an Open MenuItem, but it is disabled. I even changed the Open MenuItem name, run and the project compiles fine (so the Open MenuItem is really disabled: I do not call the window above).

I do not even realized that the text in that window is in French until I saw that I forgot to remove the surrounding white (WIndows’ Paint application).

I found that there is two Renderer(s)… I change it to WebKit and will test that later (I have to go / remove my car from the parking before the Police remove it for me…).

I forgot to take the PC laptop with me so I cannot confirm at 100% that now this works:

I clicked in the Renderer PopupMenu to choose WebKit.

Then I noticed that I had code that does that too…

Then I build the standalone to see its size gets 20MB + the previous size, *
then it started to work correctly at home with local html files.

Read my newer onversation about the Renderer… for more details.