HTMLViewer Scroll Bug on Mavericks

The vertical scrollbar on HTMLViewer built into application with Xojo2013 R4.1 does not work well on Mavericks. The same application works fine on older Mac OS X releases. On Mavericks the scrollbar is sometimes frozen and sometimes very jerky.

Is this repeatable on everyone’s Mavericks computer and if so is it a Xojo or OSX bug?

The same problem occurs when application is built with older RealBasic IDE, then run on Mavericks.

I can’t say I’ve seen this in apps. In fact, the Language Reference window in Xojo uses the HTMLViewer and it also seems fine to me. Could it be related to the web site being displayed?

Pretty much my whole program uses the HTMLViewer (WebKit) for all view ports and have never experienced any issues with scrolling…
Have you tried it in a desktop browser to see if the same issues happen?

It could have something to do with the page you are displaying. If the page handles scroll and/or touch events, they may not be passed on to the htmlviewer.

The HTMLViewer scroll problem seems to go away when building a Cocoa application (instead of Carbon). The problem is somewhat intermittent and only seems to happen when building HTMLViewer into a Carbon application that is run on Mavericks.

After days of additional testing I noticed random crashes with HTMLViewer/Carbon/Mavericks combination that do not occur with Cocoa application or when running on any OS other than Mavericks.

I just found the same thing. Scrolling of the web viewer for Carbon is very difficult. Scrolling using Cocoa works perfectly.

Carbon is dead, long live Cocoa. In fact judging by the OS release notes, I don’t think Carbon is even in maintenance anymore and I suspect Apple might be preparing to let some of it disappear in the near future.